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Machines suitable for butt fusion joining of plastic pipes and fittings such as HDPE, PP, PVDF, PB and other plastic materials.   
Fittings Fabrication
The Alfa are workshop welding machines designed to make special fittings libe elbows, wyes (Y), tees and crosses.

Electronic machines for job site suitable for welding electrofusion fittings.
Butt welding - manual
Butt fusion machines for liquids drainage in civil and industrial applications.

Band saw
SIGMA band saws are ideal to be placed beside ALFA machines in order to cut pipes segments for the fabrication of fittings.
Socket welders
Socket welders for job site or in plant use. They can fuse pipes and fittings such as PP, PVDF, PB, HDPE, PPR.

Sheet welding machine
Pneumatic and automatic machines for sheets in HDPE, PP, PVDF, PVC. 

Extrusion welding
Hand extruder, portable, compact and handy, for fabrication and welding of pipes, sheets and plastic parts in HDPE, PP.

Range of tools to facilitate the installation, pipe laying and operator’s procedures.
Machine for in plant use for the thermoforming of a special fitting in Polypropylene


Ritmo's Software for Downloading of Fusion Memories